Last Spring, after looking around at different AAU programs for our daughter, we came to a fork in the road. We had to decide to take the easier road (closer to home, more familiar) or to take the Showstopper road–the road that made us STOP in our tracks. We were instantly struck by the dedication and enthusiasm of all the coaches and players. Everyone welcomed our daughter immediately, encouraged and supported her, and inspired her to work harder than she ever had before. Taking that fork in the road was the best decision we ever made, and is where the SHOW all began!!! Our daughter’s team had an extremely successful spring season, culminating in a State Championship!!! Winning D2 Nationals came next at the Wide World of Sports in Orlando, followed by a trip to City Hall, a meeting with the Governor at the State House, and so much more! What separates the Boston Showstoppers from other programs is the close-knit, friendly, family-like environment it creates for the players. Like a family, it sets high expectations for it’s members, but is always supportive at weaker moments. The Showstoppers are very serious about basketball, but never take themselves too seriously; there is always time to laugh! In short, our daughter has had a BLAST. We hope that this SHOW goes ON, and ON, and ON!!!!!!!  Ann F., Showstopper Parent


Joining the Boston Showstoppers was the best decision I made for my daughter. Never in my wildest dreams did it think that this incredibly affordable and successful AAU Basketball program would have developed into so much more. In our first 6 months with the program, my family made Great friends. My daughter competed with The Showstoppers at Nationals in Florida and became a member of the first team ever from Massachusetts to win a national championship. They were then honored by the city council, met Governor Deval Patrick and were given yet another award. Later they received a block of tickets to the Celtics game and were invited to a fundraiser at the Garden the following night where they got to meet Paul Pierce (captain of the Boston Celtics). All this in the first AAU spring season! Coming from a suburb of Boston, I always wanted my kids to experience some of what I did growing up in the city. I couldn’t be happier with the life experiences they have already received from this wonderful program.  Kim T., Showstopper Parent

When I met the Director at Basketball City and inquired about the Boston Showstoppers, I was pleasantly greeted by a warm and welcoming spirit, and became more pleased by the other coaches’ coaching styles. After watching their teams win and lose, their encouraging words to their teams made their teams’ sad eyes smile, and me too!

It’s girl power at its finest! Renee E., Showstopper Fan

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