The Boston Showstoppers is a girl’s academic and athletic enrichment program whose mission is to develop elite female student athletes who are committed to academic excellence, self-empowerment, community engagement, good nutrition and healthy life styles. The Boston Showstoppers are Boston and greater Boston area youth between the ages of 6 and 17.   The Showstoppers use basketball as a vehicle to help girls enhance their self-confidence, self-esteem, and learn to make good and healthy decisions.  Based on reports from the Women’s Sports Foundation, young girls involved in athletics are less likely to use drugs, consume alcohol, become pregnant, or smoke compared to those who do not participate in sports.


The Boston Showstoppers short term goals are:

  • 100% of the players will continuously work towards academic achievement and excellence
  • 100% of the players will participate in elite local and national basketball tournaments
  • 100% of the participants will attend strength, conditioning and skill development clinics
  • 100% of the players in grades 5 – 11 will participate in activities that provide exposure to the college academic and athletic admission process
  • 100% of the players will participate in community engagement and enrichment activities.

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